UltraEdit 中文绿色特别版

专业文本/十六进制编辑利器IDM UltraEdit现已更新至v23.20.0.28,这次更新内容很多,绿色特别版已跟进!UltraEdit是性价比全球一流的文本、十六进制,HTML、PHP、Java 和 JavaScript程序文本编辑器。

UltraEdit – 最强大的一款超值文本编辑器!UltraEdit是世界上领先的,功能强大的,极具价值的文本编辑器、十六进制编辑器、HTML编辑器、PHP编辑器、Javascript编辑器、Perl 编辑器和程序编辑器。UltraEdit是一款全球功能一流的文本编辑软件,支持配置高亮语法和几乎所有编程语言的代码结构。内建英文单字检查,可同时编辑多个文件,编辑功能强大,具有代码提示、折叠、列操作等人性化功能。

UltraEdit v22.10 第1张UltraEdit 23.x 第2张



UltraEdit v23.20 Changes
– Brace auto-completion
* Brace pairs defined in wordfile are auto-closed when opening brace is typed
* If no braces in wordfile, or if file is not syntax highlighted, “()”, “{}”, and “[]” are used as defaults
* Pressing Enter will reposition close brace on separate line while maintaining proper indent levels
* Pressing Backspace immediately following auto-completion will remove both opening and closing brace
* Typing close brace skips over auto-completed close brace without inserting second brace
* Can be disabled for non-highlighted (plain text) files
* Can be disabled for comments and strings
– String auto-completion
* Can be disabled for non-highlighted (plain text) files
* Can be disabled for comments
– Lightning fast file sorting
* Sort large files in a fraction of the time of previous versions
* More efficient memory management when sorting
* More reliable sort; many issues addressed
* Removed (now obsolete) alternate sort method
– Near instantaneous file loading
* Improved performance for normal file open, drag-and-drop, project reloading, etc.
* Makes startup exponentially quicker when reloading multiple files
– Traditional menu option for legacy menu key accelerator support
* Right-click on ribbon and select Toolbar/Menu mode > Traditional menus
* Restored traditional toolbars for this mode
– New syntax highlighting for:
* DOS batch files
* Unix shell scripts
* PowerShell scripts
* Wordfiles
– New UC Lite with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions
– Set open address and search bar widths in Settings > Toolbars/Menus > Miscellaneous


by zd423 (ZDFANS.COM)

– 基于网友的思路折腾,直捣黄龙,完美破解新版!

– 暴力破解,免激活,无需许可证密钥、无使用期限

– 启动为已离线激活版!删自动升级、多余生成文件

UltraEdit 中文绿色特别版 x32 / x64位

UltraEdit 21.30.1024 中文绿色特别版 支持WinXP

UltraEdit v8.20 汉化经典版单文件,非常实用小巧!


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UltraEdit v23.20.0.28 官方简体中文版 x32位/64位


UltraEdit x32 / x64 22.x/23.x 破解补丁 & 注册机v3.6